Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is the bestselling hybrid car currently out there, and probably the most well-known. With a fresh appearance that looks more normal than sci-fi, the Prius is ready to maintain its popularity as it expands its options list. Plus it should become an option on your forecourt as customers look to save money on vehicle sales insurance by changing their motor from a petrol only or diesel, to a hybrid. With plenty of used Prius cars on the road already and plenty more to come, you could easily offer the best rates and earn quite a bit of money if you decided to stock them.

Toyota Yaris

Quite possibly the kings of the hybrid, Toyota have extended their range of hybrids to include the Toyota Yaris. The subcompact car has been around for years and if you are a motor trader you will probably have seen a few, and will know they are popular with customers due to their low insurance rates, amongst other attributes. However, if your clients are commercial rather than private, this might not be the best hybrid car to include in your list of tips when informing your client base how they can save money by buying a hybrid motor. The relatively low value of the car means you could get good Motor Trade insurance rates.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class C300 h

Whilst Toyota has a reputation for hybrids in the UK, it doesn’t hold a reputation for executive cars, and if like some motor traders, you deal with commercial clients, the benefits of a hybrid won’t be able to draw them to a Toyota, which is why offering a Mercedes hybrid is a good idea. Though the insurance quotes might not be as good in comparison to the Toyota, it’s objectively a better car. For those in the business world who want to save money, but still want to look smart, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class C300 h offers that. A smart motor that’s good for the environment…what’s not to love?

Volkswagen Golf GTE

The Volkswagen Golf GTE is probably the closest the auto industry has got to cracking the hybrid hot hatch market, so it’s definitely something you should think about stocking. It’s almost on par with its sister petrol-powered GTI, the Golf GTE offers the same fun as the GTI but with lower fuel bills, so your customers can save money. Insurance rates for the GTE will probably be roughly the same, which means there’s not much of a downside to stocking a GTE instead of a GTI. When the hybrid revolution really takes off, expect the GTE to be at the front.

BMW i8

So far we’ve covered regular motor traders and commercial motor traders, but what about those that sell high end cars? If that’s you, then the BMW i8 is for your forecourt! It’s a well-designed motor that can rival the Porsche 911. The 1.5 litre Hybrid engine can see the car go from 0-62 mph in just 4.4 seconds. While that sort of speed and acceleration is never good for insurance quotes, its hybrid engine will save money elsewhere, through taxation and fuel costs. The i8 could happily sit in line with any car of its ilk, such as an F-Type R or Honda NSX.


It doesn’t matter what type of cars you stock as part of your motor trade operation, if they are hybrid, petrol or diesel powered, there’s one thing that matters more and that is having the right Vehicle Sales insurance policy. Having the proper coverage is just as important as stocking the right cars, so when looking for new insurance quotes or insurance rates, it’s important to take stock of your business as a whole and not just the cars that you sell. That’s how you can save money as a motor trader looking for the right Motor Trade insurance policy.