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What Should You Know About Auto Insurance Claims?

What Should You Know About Auto Insurance Claims?

Auto insurance and auto insurance claims can be very intimidating due to the nature of the subject as it is not something we learn about in a controlled environment.  There are no classes taught in school that are required to know how to compare and buy auto insurance or how to handle an auto insurance claim.  What you need to know is learned by experience unless you go the old-fashioned way of buying auto insurance and get an insurance agent.  However, you can learn much about the process by simply reading on. […]

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Auto Insurance Tips: 6 Most Common Car Problems

If you drive a car you have no doubt had one of those days where you get the bad news that your car is broken and needs to be fixed. Those kinds of days are hard for any of us but the reality is keeping up with your maintenance on a vehicle will go a long way in causing less of those days and increasing the life of your vehicle.

The 6 items that are listed here are the most common problems with cars and most are inexpensive to fix or replace. However, each of these problems if ignored long enough could cause you big problems with your vehicle. So keep up with maintenance and avoid bad car days. […]

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Smart Phone App Eliminates Texting While Driving

Texting while driving is one of the most dangerous things on the road today. Someone who is texting while driving has been proven to be the equivalent of someone driving with 0.08 blood alcohol level. Not only that driving while using a cell phone gives you up to 37% less brain activity focused on the road. That is pretty scary stuff when you really think about it.

Many have chosen to just stop the texting while driving and urge their teenagers of driving age to do the same thing. This is the best answer by far however sometimes a text or email comes in while you are driving that you really need to get. Technology has created a compromise to allow you to hear text and email messages when you are driving so you can stay focused and still get messages of great importance. […]

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Have You Taught Your Teenager to Scan the Road?

If you have a teenager on the road or one about to be you have certainly read the statistics about how much more prevalent it is for teenagers to be involved in an accident. In fact teenagers get into accidents at the rate of 4 times as often as adults. Most people blame this on speed or other reckless driving but research does not necessarily agree with that theory.

In a study conducted it showed that out of 800 accidents involving teenagers that almost 2/3 were not related to bad driving behavior but instead from failing to scan the road, misjudging driving conditions and being distracted. […]

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Who Needs to Be Listed on Your Auto Insurance Policy?

If you let a friend drive your car are they covered if they get into an accident on your auto insurance? How about your spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend? The simple answer is most people who drive your car are covered.

The usual rule of thumb is that if someone is not required to be listed as a driver on your policy they are covered. If they are required to be listed and are not listed they would not be covered. So it is important to know which people fall into which category. […]

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So You Want a Ford Mustang?

The Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic cars in American car history. It is the prize of many collectors and a favorite car of many car enthusiasts. The mustang has captured the hearts of American drivers for over 40 years and the love affair does not seem to be ending anytime soon.

The first mustang came off the production line in 1964 and was shown at the New York’s World Fair on April 17, 1964. It went on sale at ford dealerships the same day. When the Mustang was released there was not a hotter production car on the market besides the Corvette which was a much pricier model.

To find out more about this car and our love affair with it we sat down with Mark Logan, owner of who you may know from his appearances on The History Channel’s “Pawn Star.” […]

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Gas Prices Are Up Again – Why?

Most of us are feeling the pinch right now when we go to fill up our tanks. The price of oil is fluxuating a lot these days which is why we are seeing the soaring prices at the pump. The average American is paying $0.85 more a gallon than they were this time last year a sacrifice most family just cannot afford to make.

To understand how and why gas prices jump we need to take a look at how gas prices are calculated. Now you may be paying $4 a gallon at the pump but that $4 you pay goes in a lot of different directions.


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Getting Teen Drivers Auto Insurance

One of the hardest things a parent does is hand over the car keys to a teen driver the first time they set out alone. One of the most important things a parent is does is making sure that teen has proper auto insurance coverage.

Having a teenager on your auto insurance policy will no doubt bring on higher premiums for you but there are things you can do to help save on teen auto insurance rates. You are likely to pay more for insurance for boys than girls. However both boys and girls benefit when it comes to auto insurance rates by being responsible. […]

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Auto Insurance for your Hybrid Vehicle

So you finally went green and bought a hybrid vehicle. You are no doubt seeing big gas savings and may have even got some tax credits for purchasing the vehicle. The one place you are not as likely to have big savings from your hybrid is when it comes to getting auto insurance quotes.

Car insurance rates encompass a lot of things one of which is your cars age and value. Obviously a newer car with a higher value with cost the insurance company more to replace than an older car this is one of the reasons you see higher premiums on hybrid vehicles. […]

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The Role of Social Media in Auto Insurance

Insurance is a great safeguard to have in place for car accidents, illnesses and to cover you most precious asset your home. Sadly though insurance fraud is real and costs insurance companies millions of dollars each year that are passed along to the rest of us in premiums.

Social media has had a very big […]

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