Top 5 Reasons to Select a Car Insurance Company

Deciding on a car insurance company can sometimes be very frustrating because there are so many to choose from and so many reasons to choose. Television commercials don’t help the problem either because they all give such great reasons to choose their company without really defining why this makes them different. What you need to have to choose is a good idea of what is important to your situation and your future.

The following five reasons are not numbered because they are closely related and are of varying importance depending on your situation. […]

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Vital Tips for Auto Insurance Shopping Online

What is frustrating and scary for many people when buying auto insurance is the fear that they don’t know what they are getting. Fear of the unknown in this situation is extreme because not having the right coverage can make a tremendous difference when it comes to financial stability. This is why it is important to make sure that you are taking the right steps when buying auto insurance online. Some things to consider during this process are discussed below.

Remember, these steps are not necessarily to make sure that you are getting the right coverage for your situation, but instead that you are choosing the right company and situation overall. […]

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Is Your New Car Going to Cost You in Auto Insurance?

When you don’t work in the field of auto insurance it can sometimes be very difficult to understand what makes your coverage so expensive. Many different variables will be considered by your auto insurance company, from your credit history to the distance you travel each day. Along with this criteria an auto insurance company will also consider the type of vehicle that you are intending on having insured. Different cars, specifically different types of cars, will cost more to insure than others, that’s why smart shoppers compare free online car insurance quotes first.

While considering this process you must remember that this is not an arbitrary reason in which an insurer decides that they like one type of car over another. Instead, there are statistics that support some cars getting into more accidents than others. In addition, it costs more money to repair some more expensive kinds of cars than other less expensive cars. So, what cars do cost you more money to insure? […]

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Do You Need a Car Insurance Agent?

The internet has changed the way we do many things in our lives and this doesn’t appear to be changing at any point in the near future. Car insurance has been affected by the internet about as much as any other business and this is being felt by car insurance agents. Much of what agents do was eliminated when the internet offered free auto insurance quotes online and the ability to file a claim online. However, agents can offer you some service that you may not get without an agent.

There is no clear answer to if you need a car insurance agent, but you may be able to decide after you read what is listed below. Here are a few things to consider about getting a car insurance agent. […]

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Auto Insurance Tips: 6 Most Common Car Problems

If you drive a car you have no doubt had one of those days where you get the bad news that your car is broken and needs to be fixed. Those kinds of days are hard for any of us but the reality is keeping up with your maintenance on a vehicle will go a long way in causing less of those days and increasing the life of your vehicle.

The 6 items that are listed here are the most common problems with cars and most are inexpensive to fix or replace. However, each of these problems if ignored long enough could cause you big problems with your vehicle. So keep up with maintenance and avoid bad car days. […]

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Have You Taught Your Teenager to Scan the Road?

If you have a teenager on the road or one about to be you have certainly read the statistics about how much more prevalent it is for teenagers to be involved in an accident. In fact teenagers get into accidents at the rate of 4 times as often as adults. Most people blame this on speed or other reckless driving but research does not necessarily agree with that theory.

In a study conducted it showed that out of 800 accidents involving teenagers that almost 2/3 were not related to bad driving behavior but instead from failing to scan the road, misjudging driving conditions and being distracted. […]

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Who Needs to Be Listed on Your Auto Insurance Policy?

If you let a friend drive your car are they covered if they get into an accident on your auto insurance? How about your spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend? The simple answer is most people who drive your car are covered.

The usual rule of thumb is that if someone is not required to be listed as a driver on your policy they are covered. If they are required to be listed and are not listed they would not be covered. So it is important to know which people fall into which category. […]

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