How Teen Auto Insurance can Affect You and Your Policy

How Teen Auto Insurance can Affect You and Your Policy 

Few things in life will cause parents to stay awake more than the thought of a teenage driver getting behind the wheel for the first time.  The idea of their little baby on the road and making split-second decisions is sometimes too difficult to handle, but there are ways to make this better.  Educating your teenage driver on the requirements of your car insurance and the usual pitfalls of teen drivers can have a big impact on their driving safety.  Here are a some numbers to consider discussing with your teen driver. […]

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Smart Phone App Eliminates Texting While Driving

Texting while driving is one of the most dangerous things on the road today. Someone who is texting while driving has been proven to be the equivalent of someone driving with 0.08 blood alcohol level. Not only that driving while using a cell phone gives you up to 37% less brain activity focused on the road. That is pretty scary stuff when you really think about it.

Many have chosen to just stop the texting while driving and urge their teenagers of driving age to do the same thing. This is the best answer by far however sometimes a text or email comes in while you are driving that you really need to get. Technology has created a compromise to allow you to hear text and email messages when you are driving so you can stay focused and still get messages of great importance. […]

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Have You Taught Your Teenager to Scan the Road?

If you have a teenager on the road or one about to be you have certainly read the statistics about how much more prevalent it is for teenagers to be involved in an accident. In fact teenagers get into accidents at the rate of 4 times as often as adults. Most people blame this on speed or other reckless driving but research does not necessarily agree with that theory.

In a study conducted it showed that out of 800 accidents involving teenagers that almost 2/3 were not related to bad driving behavior but instead from failing to scan the road, misjudging driving conditions and being distracted. […]

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Getting Teen Drivers Auto Insurance

One of the hardest things a parent does is hand over the car keys to a teen driver the first time they set out alone. One of the most important things a parent is does is making sure that teen has proper auto insurance coverage.

Having a teenager on your auto insurance policy will no doubt bring on higher premiums for you but there are things you can do to help save on teen auto insurance rates. You are likely to pay more for insurance for boys than girls. However both boys and girls benefit when it comes to auto insurance rates by being responsible. […]

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