Ford MustangThe Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic cars in American car history. It is the prize of many collectors and a favorite car of many car enthusiasts. The mustang has captured the hearts of American drivers for over 40 years and the love affair does not seem to be ending anytime soon.

The first mustang came off the production line in 1964 and was shown at the New York’s World Fair on April 17, 1964. It went on sale at ford dealerships the same day. When the Mustang was released there was not a hotter production car on the market besides the Corvette which was a much pricier model.

To find out more about this car and our love affair with it we sat down with Mark Logan, owner of who you may know from his appearances on The History Channel’s “Pawn Star.”

Q: Why do you think America has such a love affair with Mustangs?

A: “The love for Mustang’s dates back to April 17, 1964 when they were first introduced to the market as the brainchild of Lee Iacocca…it was one of the first cars that really embraced a European styling and incorporated the bumper into the shape of the body which gave it a very sporty look.”

Mark also mentioned that Mustangs appeal to a very large audience and a wide age range demographic. “You have 18-34 year old people who like the styling cues and looks of the old mustang yet they want to upgrade performance and amenities and creature comforts then you have the older guys that remember them as they were when they were young and want them exactly like that.”

Q: Since your business gives you a unique opportunity to make people’s Mustang dreams come true do you have any great stories to share?

A: “There’s a story behind every Mustang.” Mark says. “I had a call a couple of years ago from a lady whose husband was returning from Iraq he had been over there an extensive tour of duty and was coming back to the US and being discharged a wanted his favorite car which was a 1969 Mustang Mach1, a candy apple red color. He wanted it waiting for him when he got off the airplane. We did everything we could to make that happen and it did happen.”

Q: Are you a Mustang owner yourself and if so which ones or which are your favorite models?

A: “I have several and I love them all and I don’t want to show a lot of favoritism here but typically the cars that are the most desirable are the ones that I tend to like the best which were built between 1965-1970 and are typically considered the first generation Mustangs.” Mark goes onto say “The 1965-1970 Mustangs have the original styling cues that people recognize and cues that Ford still uses today in the new 2011 Mustangs.”

Q: Can you tell us some of the differences between old and new Mustangs, what is the same what is different between a classic and late model Mustang?

A: “When they re-created the Mustang again in 2005 and launched the new body style they took the styling cues from that model from the early model Mustangs. They built the new Mustang GT along with the Shelby GT500 to resemble and make you think about the cars that were built originally by Ford.”

Mark points out that the feeling you get driving a new Mustang is not the same as an old Mustang. “The finish of the cars back then was very poor compared to what it is today but back then they were hand built and today they are built by robots. So they are much more precise in terms of body gaps between the quarter panel and the door or the quality of the paint. The older cars rattle and squeak and leak which is typical of an old car so there is a certain amount of culture shock that goes on from the transition of your late model Ford Focus or Ford 500 to go to a classic Mustang. You crawl into one of those and it rattles and squeaks and makes funny noises and handles very strangely and that is a little bit of culture shock for a lot of people.”

Q: We finished up by asking Mark if there is anything else he would like to share with us about Mustangs?

A: “I would say Mustangs are one of the most desirable and affordable classic cars that you can own yet today. The market for them continues to grow both domestically and internationally.”

Mark went onto tell us about a customer he has in Egg, Switzerland:

“He owns so many 1965-1970 Mustangs that he built his own Museum. He now has in a little town called Egg, Switzerland a Mustang shop and Mustang Museum that is open to the public complete with displays of upholsteries and door panels and carpeting and everything else on display just because of his passion for the car.”

When I set out to write this article about the Mustang I picked it because it is such a beloved car in America. What I found out through talking with Mark is that this car is loved all over the world. In his business he finds people the cars of their dreams based on their exact specifications currently 60% of that business is with international customers.

To find out more about Mark Logan visit Classic Mustang has been in business since the late 1990’s and is the largest Shelby Cobra Dealer in the world. Mark is also the CEO and President of Nevada Classics Inc and Shelby Cars NW.

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