Spend a Little to Save Big on Your Vehicle Maintenance

twitter-profilepicDo you like spending money? I sure don’t. Money is becoming harder and harder to save these days, so anything I can do to hold onto a few more of my dollars is exactly what I’m going to do. While saving just a few dollars might not be that big of a deal, it adds up quickly and my bank account improves with each smart decision. If you are anything like me, car maintenance and repair is one of the things that you try to avoid at all costs.

Bite the Bullet

Recently, I learned that spending a little money on my car, as much as I hate doing it, is actually a great way to save in the long run. Things like oil changes and new filters aren’t really that expensive, and they go a long way to extending the life of my vehicle. When comparing the cost of these minor maintenance items to the cost of repairing an engine or buying a whole new car, the choice becomes obvious.

It’s easy to skip oil changes and the like because your car is probably running fine at the moment. Why spend money when there is nothing wrong with your engine? It is easy to think that way – but those thoughts will cost you big in the long run. Even if your engine is running fine, there is minor wear and tear going on under the hood that will sneak up and cause a breakdown when you least expect it.

A Short Checklist

Many of these maintenance points can be completed at home if you are mechanically inclined, or they are quickly handled in an auto shop for a small fee. Also, a good shop will be able to help you settle on a consistent pattern of service so you can make sure to stay on track with the health of your vehicle. Among the maintenance points that you should keep an eye on include:

  • Oil Changes
  • Filter Replacements
  • Fluid Replenishment
  • Battery Test
  • Tire Pressure Check
  • Belt Inspections
  • Replace Lights as Needed

On their own, none of those points seem like a very big deal. And they aren’t. When taken as a whole, however, they will combine to extend the life of your vehicle far beyond what you expected when you made the purchase. Not only will you be saving money be extending the life of your investment, but you will also be safer out on the road and less likely to experience an inconvenient breakdown.

Look, I get it – you don’t want to spend a dime on car maintenance. However, the reality of life is that you are going to have to spend money on your vehicles for as long as you are a driver. So do you want to spend a little bit of money now, or a ton of money later? For me, the answer is simple, and I’m sure it is for you too. Part with a few of your dollars today and you can save piles of money later. Get started right away on a schedule of routine vehicle service and maintenance.