No matter how hard you might try to save money (and if you are like me, you try hard), spending is a daily activity in the modern world. Regardless of what you are spending on, you need to keep track of your finances so you can handle your taxes at the end of the year and make sure you are not wasting any money that could be staying in your pocket. While tracking receipts and expensive can be a time consuming chore that most of us hate doing, there is now an easier way – Shoeboxed.

What is Shoeboxed?

Shoeboxed is an online company that promises to organize and store all of your receipts so you can have quick digital access to your financial transactions without sorting through piles of scattered pieces of paper. Your receipts can all be submitted to Shoeboxed through a variety of methods and will be available to view on your account at home or on the go via your mobile device.

Among many of the great benefits offered by Shoeboxed, consider the following:

  • Multiple recoding methods. You can submit your receipts via old fashioned ‘snail mail’, through an iPhone or Android app, by email forwarding, or through your desktop computer. Convenience is the name of the game at Shoeboxed, and you will quickly learn that managing your receipts can be an easy process.
  • Tax-Accepted. If you live in the United States, Canada, or Australia, the government will accept your Shoeboxed receipts and other documents as proof during an audit process. No more worrying about finding the right paperwork – just log on to Shoeboxed and find it all in one place.
  • Human Verification. If you sign up for a premium package at Shoeboxed, you will be able to have your documents reviewed automatically by human eyes to ensure the data is correct and your account details are accurate. This is another layer of confidence that you can have in your financial planning when you use this website.

Leverage Technology to Improve Your Life

Websites like this one, and RepairPal, are part of a growing trend to use technology to make your like easier (and more affordable). Paying taxes is one of the most expensive parts of living in modern society, yet many people are casual in the way they track expenses and tax deductions. By staying on top of your financial situation on a daily basis, the tax process will be simple and straightforward when the time comes at the end of the year. Shoeboxed makes that easier than it’s ever been, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to get organized and save yourself both time and money.

All This for Free?

Maybe the best news of all is that Shoeboxed offers accounts that are guaranteed to be free forever. That’s right – you can use this impressive website at absolutely no cost to you. If you wish to access premium features, there are monthly plans that remain very affordable considering how much time and money you can save in the long run. There is no good reason not to get signed up at Shoeboxed and get started today making your life more organized – and more affordable.