One of the hardest things a parent does is hand over the car keys to a teen driver the first time they set out alone. One of the most important things a parent is does is making sure that teen has proper auto insurance coverage.

Having a teenager on your auto insurance policy will no doubt bring on higher premiums for you but there are things you can do to help save on teen auto insurance rates. You are likely to pay more for insurance for boys than girls. However both boys and girls benefit when it comes to auto insurance rates by being responsible.

Many auto insurance companies offer a range of discounts for teens who meet certain requirements. One of the most common is completion of drivers ed or other driving safety courses. Many insurances companies also offer discounts to teens that get good grades sometimes up to 15%.

You should also think about what kind of car you plan to get your teenage driver. You are already going to see an increase in your premiums with a teen driver on your policy but a teenager in a sports car is really going to hit your pocket hard.

You should check your state laws to make sure that you add your teenager to the policy as soon as the law requires it. You do not want your teen driver out on the road without coverage.

If your child is out of town either going off to college or a visit with family and won’t be in town or driving for a while you can take your child off your policy and add them back when they start to drive the family car again. This can save you a lot of money over continuing coverage that is not being used.

As with any auto insurance quote you should shop around. Getting several quotes will save you 100’s of dollars if not more especially when it comes to teen drivers. So get an auto insurance quote for your teen today.