The Eyes Have It

Let me confess something right off the bat: That Geico gecko with the giant, shiny eyes, tiny green shoulders and British accent freaks me out. I know this standing upright lizard isn’t real, but see, that’s what I find creepy. It’s mostly those big eyeballs, I think.

What is it with Geico and giant eyeballs? Remember the Geico commercial with the stacks of cash with the huge eyeballs on top? The fact that the song “I’ll Be Watching You” plays in the background is kinda funny, but hey, Geico, my money talks, not sees! The message of which the gecko speaks, however, is riveting enough to make up for all this: “15 Minutes Could Save You 15% Or More On Car Insurance.”

15 Minutes of Fame

Well, spending 15 minutes on the Geico websiite isn’t going to make you famous like that big-eyed gecko, but I love the options there. You can choose to stay online on the Geico site and type in a few details to get a cheaper car insurance quote. There’s also a toll free phone number to call with 24/7 customer service. Of course, you always have the option of heading out in person to a Geico insurance office since not everyone is Internet obsessed like I am and I freely admit this! Geico has a handy location finder on the site.

Geico’s Coverage Calculator Rocks

One of my biggest issues with comparing car insurance rates is that I have sometimes found it frustrating to get a good handle on how much coverage I actually need. After all, getting comprehensive collision is going to benefit some people, but not others.

For instance, say we have Frank, a single 23 year old who lives alone in a rented apartment, owns a car worth about $7,000 and has an income of $30,000. Now say we also have a married couple, Seth and Sarah, in their 30s, with three children, a home they own and a vehicle they own worth about $35,000, on their household income of $125,000.

Frank and the family’s insurance needs are going to vary drastically and with Geico’s Coverage Calculator, typing in just a few details can get anyone on the right track with a ball park figure as a starting guide into finding out more information..

Mary Poppins isn’t the Only One Who Relies on Her Umbrella

When I snooped around even further on Geico’s website, I was impressed by their umbrella coverage. This works in addition to regular insurance for home, auto and/or other insurances to provide extra liability coverage. For Martin and Nancy, an older couple who rent out a second property they own as an income source, this extra insurance could cover them against being held liable if someone falls on their rental property or gets bitten by a tenant’s dog.

But there are many other situations that may be benefited by Geico’s umbrella insurance coverage:

*extending the limit of boat, recreation vehicle (RV), auto or homeowner policies

*covering claims that aren’t included in other liability policies such as slander, libel and false arrest

*including medical bill coverage if a person falls in your home or yard

*covering liability if you cause damage or injuries in a vehicle accident that is your fault

*covering injuries or damage caused by your pet to someone or something

Wee Wee Wee Love the Pig!

Going back to the commercials, again, I just want to close this by mentioning my favorite. The Geico ad with that little pig in the back seat of the car who says “wee wee wee all the way home” like in the fairy tale cracks me up every single time I see it. It’s the idea that this little piggy totally annoys everyone else in the car because he has to “wee wee wee” all the way, not just part of the way, home.

Whatever car insurance company you’re thinking about checking out online for home, auto, or any other type of coverage, proceed with caution to consider only the coverage that best suits your needs.